Mutated strains of
the new coronavirus
mapped out

Mutated strains of the new coronavirus are spreading. A British and South African variant have been confirmed. View a world map of the spread of the infection.

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Press for each country and region to see the number of infected people.

Tabulation method

The number of people infected by variants is based on data compiled by GISAID, a data-sharing platform for researchers. The number of countries/regions is based on cov-lineages.org, a research website of the University of Edinburgh as well as local media reports. Data reflects the total number of confirmed cases at the time it was acquired.

Masaru Sato, Atsushi Enomoto, Emiko Maeda, Takashi Igarashi, Yuta Tsunashima and Anna Nishino
Art direction
Akira Shimizu
Design, Markup
Shohei Yasuda
Shohei Morikawa


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  • Number of people unknown
  • Number of new infections

Total people infected
by mutated strain

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